Fence Staining & Seal Services Tips In Katy Texas

Fence on some occasions still looks pretty good but few homeowners want to apply a protective coat to keep it looking that way even though it’s a relatively new fence as applying a cote could increase the life of the fence & give the good outer appearance. Call Local Fence Contractor Services Katy

People need to realize that it still needs to be clean before applying stain just like any fence does with a closer look you can see some water marks and stains but even if there weren’t any visible stains it’s really important to first clean the fence before the stain process starts as most people think it’s tempting to skip this step but if you do your new stain might look great at first as there could be short term results but it won’t last very long you can use a power washer but professionals  don’t recommend it as power washers can actually do more harm than good and tend to raise the wood fibres leaving a rugged surface instead. Which is why professionals advise to use a proper stain cleaning procedure. Contact Cheap Fence Repair Katy

 It is recommended to use wood cleaner as per the manufacturers recommendations after hosing down the fence & the paint sprayer halfway up with some water and fill it with the other half with this wood cleaner. Things get too complicated if a DIY process is followed as most professional could leave a link to the cleaner & use down below which could be figured if use of a professional sprayer for staining. Most of the homeowners or business owners prefer to hire a professional Best Katy Fence Installation