Is your roof affected with mold in Westland

If the area was affected by a recent hurricane or heavy rain & if you notice some unpleasant smell then it needs to be checked if the roof is effected with the weather. As in previous case where there was weather change roofing contractors upon removing the existing roof while inspection there was a large amount of rotten wood that needed to be replaced before the new roofing system was installed. As rotten wood often gives the musty smell & causes mold which is not good for health living in the house. Call Cheap roofer In Weston MI

Once the rotten wood was removed and replaced, the home lost the musty smell. Rotten wood, caused by water damage, is actually moldy wood. As this could be similar case in area where there were recent changes in weather.

As it is known that Mold needs moisture to grow, and the moisture caused by roof leaks can result in infectious mold breakouts, which become hard to combat. Roof starts leaking if the base is damaged by heavy winds with weather change in the locality. Visit Top roofing contractor In Weston MI

Mold is not only expensive to get rid of but addition to the cost involved in combating mold, many physical illnesses and symptoms have been associated with mold like:

Runny nose can be seen in the children who lived in the house affected with mold also this could be a symptom to some adult also Skin rash could be another setback in health condition of the people living in the house effected with mold. Dizziness, fatigue and nausea are other signs of the same problem. If the problem is not solved early then it could damage the complete property as call a professional roofing contractors to get it fixed in the early stage.

Homeowner’s who are shopping for roofing contractors in the market need to do a thorough check of any roofing contractor when they choose to install a new roof as many contractors try to do less job & get paid more. Often rotten wood is covered up by shady contractors trying to save money. The likelihood of them getting caught is slim because it will be covered by the new roof. Hence inspecting it while the roof is being installed is a good idea also if you can hire some trusted roofing contractors also does the job. Contact Roofer Near Me In Weston MI