Temecula and Murrieta Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaner temeculaThere is a great service called Healthy Home Services that provides excellent carpet cleaning in Murrieta, Ca. Most of their services are located in Southern California. They have a website and an 800 number to get more information on their services. This company is Certified and have Licensed Specialist to come clean the carpet in residential and commercial. How it works is a 3 step Eco friendly process which they start with a heated solution sprayed deep into the carpet. This step is very important because it removes most of the debris and pet odor as well. The next step is they steam the carpet with a hot water extraction which is like a vacuum to get rid of any residue and debris. The last step is they groom the carpet back to fresh and new. If you get a stain with in 30 days they will come and clean it for free. They have many great reviews on their services and offer great deals. This company also provides maintenance services as well like Tile, Upholstery, Air Ducts, and Dryer Vents. Their website gives you all the information that you need know about carpet cleaning and maintenance service. You can aslo book appointment online or schedule one over the phone. All of their products are pet friendly and Eco friendly too. There is also the option to print out coupons for their services as well. Why just get your carpet clean when Murrieta carpet Cleaning offers allot more products and services to get the job done and 100% clean. They also offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you can live in a clean and happy environment. Give them a call today Healthy Homes Services Murrieta, CA (866) 960-9692